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Month: March 2021

Timely Kicks: 2021’s Biggest Sneaker Trends For Men

They may not move as fast as fashion, but sneakers certainly aren’t static. New styles and trends emerge every year, but only some are worth paying attention to. The trick is knowing which ones to adopt and which to disregard. That way, you can keep up to date without looking like a fashion victim.

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 was a surprisingly busy year for sneakers. And as we sink our teeth into 2021, there’s still plenty to get excited about where footwear is concerned.

Below, we explain some of 2021’s biggest new sneaker trends, along with some overarching ones that look set to continue into the new year and beyond. From outdoor-inspired kicks to some rather surprising comebacks, these are the sneaker trends to know in 2021.

Take A Hike

HOKA One One Challenger Low GTX
Salomon XA-Pro Fusion ADVANCED
Merrell 1 TRL Nova Traveller JPN Sneaker


Fashion’s current fixation with the great outdoors has done the unthinkable, it has made practicality and comfort cool. With many of us being forced outside to socialise and into our homes to work, the blend of functionality, cosiness and style offered by outdoor-inspired garb has never been more relevant. Now it’s spilling over into the footwear world too.

The popularity of trail runners as casual footwear is nothing new, but in 2021 we’ll be seeing more and more outdoor-friendly shapes coming to the surface. Footwear styles usually favoured by climbers and hikers are gaining traction thanks to brands like Hoka One One, Merrell and Salomon making conscious efforts to move into the fashion arena, and a lot of it is surprisingly wearable.

Basketball Classics

Converse Pro Leather High Top
Nike Dunk Low Retro
Air Jordan Delta Mid


Dunk-mania has been dominating the sneaker world for a couple of years now, but it really reached a crescendo in 2020. We lost count of how many times a limited-release Dunk SB dropped last year, but a subsequent slew of wider releases has seen the hype subside somewhat.

But it’s far from over. Dunk-mania has brought basketball shoes back into focus and although the Dunk itself may be starting to feel a tad played out, the resurgence of court-inspired footwear in general is really heating up. Expect to see more of it as we progress through the year.

Skate Shoe Resurgence

Converse Louie Lopez Pro Low Top
Vans SK8-HI Pro Shoes
Nike SB Charge Canvas


For better or worse, oversized skate shoes were all the rage in the early 2000s. Puffy tongues, bulky silhouettes and excessive detail were inescapable up until around 2005, and once they’d fizzled out, everyone was pretty confident that they wouldn’t be returning. But if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected, and lately there have been a number of pretty obvious clues that 2021 may well be the year that the skate shoe returns.

The first real sign came a few years back when A$AP Rocky paid homage to the Osiris D3 (the king of puffy ‘00s skate shoes) via a collaboration with Under Armour. But, more recently, some even bigger names have been jumping on the bandwagon. Not least of which, trendsetting label Louis Vuitton, which last year released its first ever signature skate shoe for pro skater and Palace poster boy Lucien Clarke. Watch this space.

New Balance 99?

New Balance M990v5 Sneakers
New Balance Made in US 992
New Balance M997NAG – Made in the USA


New Balance has been intermittently reviving models from its 99x line for a while now, resulting in some of the most noteworthy sneaker trends in recent years. The 990v5 took off with unprecedented success back in 2018, sparking dad-shoe madness, while last year the 992 was inescapable, with a string of collabs, limited releases, and a wider drop of some classic colourways.

It’s a safe bet to assume that New Balance will be continuing down the same path in 2021, and the rumour mill is already churning out plenty of speculation about the re-emergence of some older 99x styles. Which ones? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Eco-Friendly Kicks

Veja V-10 Leather-Trimmed Mesh and Suede Sneakers
Allbirds Wool Runners
WAES 1978 Grey Leather High Top


It’s no secret that the fashion industry takes a heavy toll on the environment. From factories billowing out greenhouse gasses to fast-fashion offcasts piling up in landfill, it all adds up, and sneakers are part of the problem.

Perhaps that’s why more and more brands are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and create sneakers that put sustainability front and centre. New labels like Waes are making great-looking sneakers that are fully compostable to be kinder to the planet, while even big names like Nike and Adidas are experimenting increasingly with recycled fibres. A drop in the ocean, sure, but it’s a step in the right direction.

More Minimalism

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Ocean
Uniform Standard Series 1 White Gum Leather
Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers


Fashion’s cyclical nature usually means that whatever is going on at any given time is a response to what went before it. For many years minimalism had ruled supreme, so things were bound to begin moving in the opposite direction at some point.

However, rather than being cast into obscurity, minimalist footwear has earned a place in the sneaker history books. Simple white trainers are now a bona-fide men’s style classic and their enduring popularity proves they won’t be going away any time soon. Common Projects’ Achilles model is still widely considered the pinnacle but everyone from sportswear giants to Northamptonshire shoemakers to up-and-coming independent labels are now producing their own take on the silhouette. Buy whatever takes your fancy – you really can’t go wrong with a plain white kick.

Boundary-Pushing Tech

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%
Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2
Adidas Ultra 4D


When it comes to footwear designed with sport in mind, pushing boundaries with technology has always been a driving force. The big athleisure brands are locked in an endless arms race, each hoping to come up with the next big thing in sneaker tech. For the rest of us, that means great shoes that are built to perform.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen knitted uppers become popular, 4D printing starting to be rolled out as a means of production for intricate sole units, and even self-lacing mechanisms. Expect more boundary breaking developments going forward.

Retro Runners

Novesta Marathon Trail Runner
Saucony Jazz Original
Nike Air Tailwind 79 Shell, Suede and Leather Sneakers


With all that tech being churned out by sportswear’s heavy hitters, sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics. Retro suede runners are big news this year and make the perfect accompaniment to anything from a tailored tracksuit to raw selvedge denim.

These throwback kicks often feature vivid block colours, meaning they can be a great way to introduce a splash of vibrancy to even the most pared-back of outfits. Plus they’re seriously comfortable, which is always a welcome bonus. The best designs can be found at heritage brands like Spalwart, New Balance, Asics and Novesta.

More High-Fashion Collabs

adidas Superstar Prada White Black
Nike x Sacai LD Waffle Sneakers
Jordan 1 Retro High Dior


Collaborations are nothing new in the world of footwear. In fact, they’re about as old as sneaker culture itself. These days, however, they’re becoming more important than ever before as a tool for reintroducing consumers to forgotten silhouettes and shaping brand image.

All of the biggest sneaker releases in recent memory have been collaborative, and recently high-fashion labels have been getting involved, too. The Nike x Sacai LDWaffle, Air Jordan x Dior Jordan 1 and Adidas x Prada Superstar have been some of the most talked about shoes ever released, crystallising the cross-pollination of streetwear and haute couture. 

These types of sneakers are a perfect metaphor for what’s been happening in the industry over recent years; urban style and runway fashion are coming together in trainer form, and if the last 12 months are anything to go by, it only looks set to continue.

Dad Shoes Are Forever

New Balance Made in US 990v5
Nike Air Max Triax 96
Asics Gel Kayano 5 OG >


Dad caps, dad bods, dad jeans… it seems like every hot new men’s lifestyle or fashion trend over the last few years has been trailblazed by our fathers. Unsurprisingly, footwear is no exception, and while the dad shoe trend may not exactly be breaking news, recently it has taken root and become much more accessible.

If you’re looking for a specific shoe to thank for opening this new, ultra-comfy footwear option up to the masses, we’d be inclined to point you in the direction of the New Balance 990 v5. The 990 series has long been the high-water mark for all other dad shoes to aspire to, but the updated version from the beginning of 2019 really set things in stone.

To pull it off for yourself, we’d recommend going for simple, understated colours to increase versatility and to balance out the heavy detailing and chunky silhouette.

Denim Downsizing: 5 Easy Ways To Shrink Jeans

Ill-fitting jeans got you looking like a Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 character? Fear not. One of the great things about denim is that it’s pretty easy to shrink, and if you learn how to do it properly you can avoid having to fork out.

Knowing how to shrink jeans will enable you to achieve a perfect fit with a new pair, or just tighten up old ones if you’ve shed a few pounds. There are a few different methods to choose from, each useful in its own way, but which you opt for will be largely dependent on what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

For example, getting a new pair of raw denim jeans down to size calls for a much different approach than knocking a few inches off the waistband of your old 501s. That’s why we’ve broken down a number of methods to suit all requirements.

Below, we look at some of the best ways to shrink jeans, from spot shrinking problem areas to hopping in the bath (no, seriously). Here’s everything you need to know.

The Pre-Soak Method

Best For: Christening Raw Denim

Nudie Jeans

The world of raw denim is a confusing place. Not least because half the population are telling you not to let a drop of water near your new jeans for at least six months, while the other half swear blind you should throw them into a bathtub before you even wear them. So who’s right? Well, it depends.

Raw denim can be either sanforized or unsanforized. Sanforized denim has been pre-shrunk, whereas unsanforized denim has not. For the latter, you’ll need to get that initial shrinkage out of the way yourself by giving your jeans a pre-soak. If you are buying unsanforized jeans, make sure to buy them a size or two bigger for this reason.

For the soak, fill your bathtub with two-to-three inches of hot water (not too hot though). Turn the jeans inside out and lay them flat in the water until it has gone completely cold. You can place bottles on top of them to stop them floating to the surface.

Once done, carefully lift them out and hang them to dry.

Stick Them On The Boil

Best For: An Aggressive All-Over Shrink

Before we go any further, note that this method is only good for 100% cotton jeans. If your jeans are some sort of blend with elastane or polyester then don’t do it. It’s also quite an extreme option, so only attempt it if you can afford for it to go wrong.

First you’ll need a large pot of boiling water. Turn your jeans inside out, pop them in, let them boil away for around 30 minutes and add salt and pepper to taste (not really). Once your jeans are sufficiently boiled, carefully remove them from the pot and pop them in the tumble dryer on the hottest setting.

When you remove them from the dryer, your jeans should have shrunk pretty dramatically all over. But be warned, there’s a high chance your jeans will eventually stretch back to some extent and if you keep repeating this process they’ll lose colour quickly.

Let The Pros Handle It

Best For: Peace Of Mind

Let’s face it, using heat to shrink any sort of material is always going to be a risky business. It’s bad for the fabric, it’s bad for the dye and it’s never going to lead to the exact results you want. The alternative? Take your ill-fitting jeans to someone who has made a career out of making clothes fit people correctly.

Taking your problem jeans to a tailor may not be ‘shrinking’ in the strictest sense of the word, but by our reckoning, you’re taking something big and making it smaller, so it still counts.

Your local tailor will be able to talk to you about how exactly you want your jeans to fit and can then alter them accordingly. A pot of boiling water is never going to be able to offer that same level of service, which is why a real person is always going to be the best option when it comes to adjusting clothes.

Spot Shrinking

Best For: Minor Adjustments

If your jeans fit well in some areas but need tightening up in others, spot shrinking might be your best option. This is the practise of shrinking only specific areas of the jeans while leaving others as they were.

There are a few ways of doing it but one of the most popular involves using a spray bottle and some fabric softener. Simply fill the bottle up with roughly three-parts hot water and one-part fabric softener, spray the problem area(s) and leave to dry. If you need the shrinkage to be more drastic, you can use the tumble dryer instead.

Another method is to fill a sink with hot water and submerge the portion of fabric you want to shrink, leaving the rest of the material out of the water. Leave it to soak until the water turns cold and then either hang or tumble dry.


Best For: A Quick Fix

Sometimes you just need to fix a baggy backside or knees before heading out. Using an iron is a quick and easy way to make these small corrections without going nuclear. For best results, you’ll want to use an iron with a spray function. Failing that, use a spray bottle instead.

Spray the area you want to tighten up and then go over it with the iron on a high setting, making sure to keep it moving. Do this until the fabric is completely dry and repeat as many times as necessary.

12 Swedish Clothing Brands That Deserve A Place In Your Wardrobe

If you had to leave your entire wardrobe in the hands of one country, which would you choose? Perhaps Italy, with its reputation for fine leather and Sprezzatura rakishness? Maybe England and its rich heritage in classic tailoring and artisan shoemaking? Or possibly even America, purely for the denim and workwear?

Us? We’d choose Sweden. Every. Single. Time.

Sweden is the beating heart of Scandinavian style. It’s a place where clean, crisp minimalism meets avant-garde creativity, and harsh Nordic winters fuel functional design. As a result, it’s home to some of the best menswear brands in the world, spanning everything from stripped-back wardrobe basics to rugged outerwear and beyond.

Here we take a look at some of our favourite Swedish menswear brands and explain why each one deserves to occupy some space in your wardrobe.


The T-Shirt
The Raw Denim Jacket
The Oxford Shirt


Asket’s minimalist approach to menswear is rooted in the idea of essentials. If it’s not a bona fide wardrobe staple, then the Stockholm-based brand won’t waste its time making it. The garments it does select – think slim-fit raw denim, Oxford shirts, the perfect plain white tee, etc, etc – are rendered in premium materials and crafted to very high standards. Plus, the direct-to-consumer business model means you get more bang for your buck.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios Domen Oversized Double-Faced Wool Overshirt
Acne Studios Forres Logo-tab Cotton-Blend Hooded Sweatshirt
Acne Studios Pansy Face Patch Wool Beanie


Raised in Stockholm on a strict diet of art, fashion, street culture, architecture and design, multidisciplinary label Acne Studios has grown to become Sweden’s first and foremost fashion house. The brand is known for its experimental designs and luxury basics, all infused with a hearty dose of Scandinavian cool.

A Day’s March

A Day’s March Tencel Tee
A Day’s March Cashmere Crewneck
A Day’s March Smart Trousers Wool Twill


Simple garments, perfectly executed. That’s what A Day’s March is all about. Since 2014, the label has been delivering its trademark brand of stylish minimalism and well-built basics to style- and eco-conscious consumers around the world. The best part? It’s all done on a direct-to-consumer basis, meaning you pay less to fill your wardrobe with stripped-back Swedish goodness.


Arket Heavyweight T-Shirt
Arket Cotton Twill Overshirt
Arket Modern Blazer Hopsack


Since 2017, Scandi minimalism has had a high-street outpost and its name is Arket. The H&M-owned retailer boasts a tightly curated selection of fashion-forward essentials spanning everything from tailoring to loungewear. In short, it’s got all the building blocks needed to build an all-bases-covered capsule wardrobe and the quality is on the premium side of what you’d normally find on the high street too.


CDLP Y Set Of Three Briefs
CDLP Boxer Brief – 3 Pack
CDLP Peak-Lapel Piped Lyocell-twill Robe


Sweden is synonymous with good design, everybody knows that. But it doesn’t stop at minimalist fashion and flatpack furniture. Oh no. As it happens, the Swede’s know their way around a nice bit of luxury loungewear too. Case in point, CDLP: a label that has made a name for itself by bringing that quintessential Scandinavian knack for clean design and quality to your underwear drawer.


Fjällräven Greenland Winter Jacket
Fjällräven Övik Fleece Hoody
Fjällräven Kånken Classic Backpack


Heritage outdoor label Fjallraven’s knack for marrying technical performance with classic designs has provided fertile ground for some of the most handsome hiking gear you’re ever likely to find. So handsome, in fact, that much of it can happily hop straight off the hillside and into your everyday rotation. Outerwear, in particular, is one of Fjallraven’s strong points and its G-1000 waxable cotton fabric is the stuff of legend among seasoned winter coat fanatics.




CQP’s premium, understated sneakers are surely Sweden’s finest footwear export. Designs are simple, stripped back and versatile, making them perfectly suited to pair with almost any outfit. Quality is off the charts too, so if you’re looking for an alternative to those other premium, minimalist sneakers (you know which ones we’re talking about), CQP is the way to go.


Stutterheim Drawstring Hood Raincoat
Stutterheim Stockholm Burgundy
Stutterheim Kilsmo Popover Hooded Jacket


Fun fact about Sweden: it rains… a lot. Perhaps that’s why the country has helped to churn out some of the best raincoats in the world courtesy of Stutterheim. The brand is known for its stylish, rubberised rainwear that’s built to stand up to the worst of the Scandinavian weather and look the part whilst doing so.

If you go in expecting mind-blowing technical fabrics or boundary-pushing design, you’re going to have a bad time. But if what you seek is a classic raincoat that fends off downpours and earns you compliments in equal measures, there’s no brand better equipped to deliver the goods.

Our Legacy

Our Legacy Base Crew Sweat
Our Legacy Reincarnation suede overshirt
Our Legacy Camion Boot


If you could capture that abstract essence of Scandinavian cool and condense it into a single brand, you’d be left with something that looked a lot like Our Legacy. The label’s unique twist on minimalist designs and classic silhouettes has earned it a cult following and a place on the shelves of some of the world’s most exclusive contemporary menswear stores.


Nudie Jeans Lean Dean Slim-Fit Dry Organic Denim Jeans
Nudie Skinny Lin Jean
Nudie Bobby Jacket


Nudie has been putting Sweden firmly on the denim map since 2001. The brand is known for its great-fitting jeans and is built around a commitment to sustainability through repair. Nudie makes great quality denim, but all jeans wear out eventually. When that happens, you can simply nip into one of their stores to have them fixed up and ready to roll once again.


Sandqvist Roald Ground Organic Cotton Backpack
Sandqvist Dante Metal Hook Backpack
Sandqvist Marta Recycled Nylon Tote Backpack


Sandqvist’s stylish bags bridge the gap between fashion and functionality. They pose a stylish answer to the question of practicality and everyday use, using premium materials and timeless looks to reinvent everything from backpacks to laptop bags.


Eton Contemporary-Fit Check Dress Shirt
Eton Contemporary-Fit Dot-Print Dress Shirt
Eton Cotton Slim-Fit Shirt


Eton has been producing premium dress shirts since 1928. Each one is made from the finest materials and put together using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee perfection. Shoppers can choose from four different cuts to ensure the right fit for any body type and the high-quality construction means they’re all built to last.

Dress Better: 20 Time-Tested Style Tips All Men Should Try

It’s a cliche, but rules, it must be said, are there to be broken. Style is personal and, above all, individual. Some men can pull things off and others can’t. Some men are innately more conservative than others. So far, so contractual rider. But this all acknowledged, there are nevertheless well-tested guidelines which, if respected, help ensure that any man is dressed as well as possible – regardless of his own unique pizzazz in the wardrobe department. Think of these 10 pointers below as being the foundation. You bring the bricks and mortar.

Get The Fit Right

There’s little point wearing good clothes if they don’t fit. Few things make a even a great garment look shabby than being too short or too long, too big or too small. So if something doesn’t fit – pay particular attention to across the shoulders and around the chest – don’t buy it. Or, as annoying as it is, don’t wear it anymore.

Of course, some dimensions on some items – suit sleeves and trousers, for example – can be altered. Find a good tailor and do just that.

Opt For Quality Over Quantity

With countless tonnes of clothing ending up in landfill each year, environmental awareness alone should be enough to convince you to buy less. But the incentive is doubled if you’re on any kind of budget or if you appreciate good value. Higher quality clothes not only tend to look better, they also wear better and therefore last longer. Add in the fact that cheaper garments can suggest all sorts of ethical problems in terms of worker conditions, and saving up might literally save a life.

Understand Clothing Craft

You can only choose quality clothing if you take the time to examine what you buy – and understand what you’re buying. Look for close, regular stitching; opt (in most cases) for natural fibres; check the standard of finishing; plump for traditional manufacturing techniques like Goodyear-welting; although supply chains are immensely complex, consider the country of origin.

The internet is your friend – do the manufacturer’s claims stand up to scrutiny or are you being sold to?

Care For Your Clothes

Much of what makes your style happens before you even get dressed. There’s the valuable thinking time put into what you’ll wear, of course. But there’s also the tending to the clothes you select. It’s tedious sometimes, but iron your dress shirts, dry clean your suits occasionally, polish your shoes, repair what needs repairing…

It’s not just because your clothes will last longer this way. You’ll look better. Think of all this preparation as being part of the same process as your general grooming.

Classics Endure

Fashion changes – that’s its very reason to exist. If you don’t want to keep chasing trends, or want to rise above it, wear the classics. These are those largely unchanging garments that have formed the bedrock of men’s style for many decades – from button-down shirts to Oxford shoes, straight-fit jeans to two-button, single-breasted navy suits.

Classic does not necessarily mean boring – you still style them in your own way. However, it does mean you’ll look dependably good at any time.

Do Sweat The Details

Anyone can put on clothes. It’s the attention you pay to how you put them on that matters. Some style rules feel overly finicky/uncreative but they do help create an overall good appearance: matching your belt leather to your shoe leather; wearing dress socks with dress shoes; tying a knot that’s right for your collar; not thinking your underwear doesn’t matter because nobody will see it. And so on.

It Pays To Accessorise

Either out of choice or necessity, your clothing can be conservative, even pedestrian, if you accessorise well. It’s in the accessories that you can express your individuality to anyone who’s looking for it – if you’re into watches, invest in a good, versatile one; step up the quality with anything you wear a lot, like belts, shoes or spectacles; introduce flair with highlight touches of colour and pattern on scarves, pocket squares or jewellery. These tend to be the things people notice. You actual clothes are just backdrop.

Feel At Ease

Feel comfortable in your clothing – psychologically rather than physically (though, wisely, few men will suffer pain for fashion). Unless the occasion absolutely demands it – and sometimes it does – don’t wear anything that you don’t feel right in. It will show. This doesn’t mean your comfort zone should be limited to T-shirts and sweatpants. You have to push yourself to find a style that’s yours. But make sure it is yours – and not someone else’s.

If In Doubt, Dress Up

Wearing the right clothes for the right setting is both important and respectful but it can be a complicated business. Dress codes are in flux. Some invitations still insist on using contradictory terms the likes of “smart casual”. If in doubt, dress up. It’s the kind of advice your grandmother might give, but she’d be right: nobody ever felt out of place for being too smart. Not being smart enough, however, is painful.

Master Colour, Pattern & Proportion

Menswear has long been a terribly sober business, wrapped up in dated ideas of appropriateness and masculinity. But you don’t have to dress like an undertaker. Colour, pattern and proportion not only add interest to your clothing, they can help keep you interested in it too. Yes, they are tricky to master. You can expect to make some mistakes. But be bold and experiment occasionally.

Embrace Texture

Colour and pattern are both important, but if you really want to elevate an outfit, deploying some considered textures can add yet another dimension. Tactile fabrics like corduroy, silk, suede and fleece can generate a sense of depth or help to create a focal point. Adding them to your wardrobe will arm you with yet another string to your sartorial bow and allow you to take simple outfits up a gear with ease.

Learn To Layer

Having a good grasp on layering will stand you in good stead when the weather begins to cool and outfit options multiply. Sure, throwing a big coat on over a T-shirt does the trick, but it’s hardly as interesting as combining a knitted roll neck, a thick flannel shirt and an overcoat, is it?

Experiment with different combinations and use varied textures and colours to create contrast.

Have A Weekday Uniform

Even if your job doesn’t require you to wear specific clothes, having a go-to work outfit can still be useful. Not having to think about what to wear every day will save you time and enable you to perfect your look. It could be as simple as an overshirt worn over an Oxford shirt and jeans. Buy a few colour variations of each and mix and match to keep things fresh. It’s also easier to add pieces to this set foundation, such as a sweatshirt or overcoat, to cope with changes in weather.

Find What Works For You

Let’s face it, we’re all different. What suits you may not suit someone else and vice versa. Style advice is all well and good up to a point but if you really want to dress well, you need to find what looks good on you and stick to it.

Look at what colours go best with your skin tone, which cut of denim fits your body type best and even take your face shape into consideration when deciding on your next haircut.

Build A Capsule Wardrobe

Having a fully stocked walk-in wardrobe fit for MTV Cribs might be nice but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to dress well. We often talk about the virtues of a minimalist wardrobe and we firmly believe it’s a surefire recipe for sartorial success.

The secret lies in having the basics covered to the highest possible standard, resulting in a highly versatile clothing collection that will have your back across the whole spectrum of social occasions and dress codes.

Don’t Neglect Your Footwear

As Savile Row legend Hardy Amies once said, it’s impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes. You can be wearing the finest clothes known to man, but if you top it off with subpar footwear it will all have been for nothing. With that in mind, your shoes should never be an afterthought. Spend a bit of time and money on getting them right and everything else will fall into place.

Experiment With High-Low Dressing

Mixing upscale pieces with everyday essentials is a great way to spice up your style. With this technique, you can dress casual pieces up and smarter pieces down to cover a variety of situations. Try taking a more relaxed approach to tailoring by swapping the shirt out for a tee and the Oxford shoes out for some luxe leather sneakers.

Conversely, you could use the same idea to dress up a workwear staple like an overshirt with smarter pieces like cropped wool trousers, a fine-gauge roll neck and leather Derby shoes. Play around with it and see what works.

Dress For Your Age

People should be able to wear whatever makes them feel good. Still, if you want to look your best, it pays to have a bit of self awareness when it comes to what’s age appropriate. Skater hoodies, baggy jeans and giant bubble trainers may have been de rigeur when you were a 13-year-old boy. Now that you’re a functioning member of adult society, however, not so much. Stick to the classics and you can’t go wrong.

Invest In Quality Underwear

Dressing well isn’t all about what’s going on on the outside. How can one ever truly be considered properly dressed if what lies beneath isn’t up to scratch? Even if you’re going to be the only one who sees them, investing in nice socks and quality underwear will give your confidence a little boost and put a spring in your step. Take a look at brands like Sunspel, Zimmerli, Hanro and Derek Rose for some of the best options around.

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